Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weird dreams

Ok, so lately I have been having some pretty "out there" kind of dreams. I don't remember them all but I just remember them being weird. Last nights' dream was no exception. I don't remember all the details but it was, from my faint memory of it, a James Bond movie. The new ones, with my next husband, Daniel Craig.

Isn't he dreamy? I think so.

So, back to the dream. He was James Bond, of course, but I don't remember being in the dream, rather I was just watching it. Anyway he was undercover as a gay sailor. And he played the part quite well. I was actually dreaming of him with some guy. It was X rated. I was a little disturbed when I woke up. I mean who wouldn't be after dreaming that their next husband was gay???

I don't know what is giving me all these weirds dreams but they are definitely interesting to say the least.



Interesting dream, a gay James Bond.

I'm not gay, but I've heard taht some women find watching gay male porn to be erotic, so maybe it was just a "sex dream".

I found your "conmfession" it a bit amusing.....I'm a guy and enjoy watching women make love....

A voyeur instinct? Likely

Monty said...


That is awesome! Are you pregnant? My pregnant dreams have been INSANE - but that one takes the cake!

Oh, and I am seriously in lust with Daniel Craig.


hollyli said...

OMG! That's crazy... but I agree with Monty, Are you pg? L-holls & amelia