Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter freaks

For whatever reason (glutton for punishment, maybe?) Courtney and I said we would go to a petting farm with some friends and their son on Easter morning. I had been there before for a school field trip and I thought it would be fun. I mean, we did have fun but I felt like we stuck out like a sore thumb. I felt like a freak.

Everywhere we turned there were kids. Everyone we passed had a stroller, a diaper bag or a baby. I felt like we were being stared at. Why are those people here? They don’t have a kid! Get them! Ok, so I am exaggerating. Just a little.

Anyway, the last time I had visited this farm it was just that. A farm. Not too long ago they acquired some of the attractions from the old amusement park, Enchanted Forest so that was neat to see. You may remember seeing some of the original park in the movie, Cry Baby, with Johnny Depp. Love that movie.

Here are some pictures from the farm:

Easter 2009 001

Easter 2009 004

Easter 2009 011 They had an egg hunt for the kids but it looked like complete chaos. I don’t think we will be bringing our kids to this.

Easter 2009 024 My prince charming.

Easter 2009 027 Everyone else took pictures of their kid going down the slide. I took pictures of my husband going down the slide.

Easter 2009 036

Easter 2009 050

Easter 2009 061

Easter 2009 069

Easter 2009 080 Not sure if I should be disgusted…or jealous?

Easter 2009 103

Easter 2009 107

Easter 2009 110

After all the fun on the farm we headed back home to pick up our “kids” and head over to my parents house for dinner. While my brother cooked, we went outside to play frisbee with the dogs. Well, Beaker. Penny and my mom’s dog, Cagney, just followed him.

Easter 2009 241

Easter 2009 115 Penny doesn’t really care about the frisbee, she just likes to chase Beaker.

Easter 2009 127

Easter 2009 140

Easter 2009 162

Easter 2009 189

Side note: That is NOT an old man in the background. It’s my BROTHER! I never noticed how much of a hunch back he has! Proof positive that you should listen to your mother when she tells you to sit up straight!

Easter 2009 193

Easter 2009 239

Easter 2009 269

And even after all that frisbee catching, Beaker still wanted someone to throw a toy for him.

Easter 2009 227Don’t hate on my yellow rain boots. I thought the farm would be muddy and they are so comfy, I didn’t feel like taking them off. I might sport them more often.

I hope you all had a nice Easter!


Monty said...

Not hating, totally loving and jealous of your rainboots! I've been looking for a cute pair! Cute pics!
Glad the parents at the petting zoo didn't come after you with torches and pitchforks!

jill said...

Glad you made it through the day at the "kid" petting zoo ;) Your husband seems like a good sport in trying to make it fun.

I just love your dogs. I have always contemplated getting a Jack Russel but I don't know enough about them to know if they'd be a good fit. My dog is a frisbee catcher too - so much fun! :)