Thursday, October 28, 2010

Graduation Day

Today I have officially graduated from the fertility doctor and have been released to my regular OB/Gyn! We had our final appointment with Shady Grove Fertility today for an ultrasound. It was amazing. It actually looks like a baby now. Last time it looked like a fried egg but now you can clearly see little arms and legs as well as a head. The flickering heart was still visible and the little one was squirming around in there.

Check out the video:

My doctor forgot to mention what the heart rate was but you can see it on the video. It was 180.

And of course, a picture!

8 weeks 6 days

Before leaving they gave us a nice little photo holder card that had another copy of the ultrasound picture in it. I let Courtney bring it to work with him. I gave him the ok to share the news with whoever he wants. Which isn't too many people. I think the only people he hasn't told are a few friends of his back in California.

After the appointment my mom (who came with us) and I went out to breakfast. She started telling me that my dad was starting to stress out about how much money she was going to spend when she finds out what were having. I told her he shouldn't worry too much because we aren't going to find out. She asked if just she could find out but again, the answer was no. We have waited 4 years to have a healthy pregnancy. We can wait another 7 months to find out what's growing in there. I'm not saying I won't be tempted. It would make certain things a lot easier but I'm really looking forward to that moment in the delivery room when we finally find out. 7 months isn't that long.....right?

Friday, October 22, 2010


I couldn't tell you when I took my first step or what my first word was. I have no idea what my first food was or how old I was when I first slept through the night.

Today I reached one milestone I won't soon forget. I have reached the 8 week mark.

With my first pregnancy I started spotting in the 6th week and ended up miscarrying at exactly 8 weeks. With this pregnancy I haven't seen a single "spot" and as far as I know my little one is growing strong. I am thankful for every second.

My next ultrasound is on Thursday 10/28 at 9:30 AM so I will be able to know for sure that everything is going well. I am still exhausted pretty much all day. It's the worst around 4:00 and continues through the evening. No real nausea, just kind of feel icky around mealtimes where nothing sounds appetizing. Once I eat I feel better but finding something that sounds good to eat can be a challenge.

Another milestone for today: I am wearing maternity pants. Not because I need to but because they are so damn comfortable! Why aren't all pants made like this? I can still fit into most of my clothes (except for ones that were a little tight before just flat out don't fit now) but I just didn't feel like wearing my normal jeans and having the button jab into my belly button all day. I am in denim heaven with these pants. Granted, they are obviously meant for someone with a big belly and I keep having to hike them back up when I walk around but I don't care.

What better way to mark one milestone then with another?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Much like Janet Jackson....

I'm in control.

I went to my endocrinologist today and my A1c was 5.8%. This is the best control I've had over my diabetes ever. To the laymen out there the A1c is a blood test used to determine the average blood sugar levels over a three month (or so) period. The normal range (according to Wikipedia) is 4% to 5.9%. I'm normal? Who knew!

My doctor considers her diabetic patients to be "controlled" when their A1c is 7% or less. Before getting my new pump (with the continuous glucose monitor) my A1c was 7.2%. A few weeks after getting it and using it it was 6.8%. I've had it now for about 3 months and my A1c has dropped down a full percentage point. I gave myself a little pat on the back. Not too shabby.

Next up....sonogram on the 28th!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Everything went well! It was not a thorough u/s or appointment. I think it was just to check that it was a viable pregnancy (which we are!!!). Everything looked good and there was only one and he made sure to check twice. You can hear him in the video saying that he asked Hope (the u/s tech) twice. The heartrate was 138, which he said was normal and would be beating much faster at our next u/s, which is scheduled for Thursday, October 28th at 9:30 again.

Without further ado, a picture:

6 weeks 5 days!

And a video:

So, lots of appointments coming up in the next few weeks. On Tuesday, October 19th I meet with my endocrinologist (I've had to adjust the settings on my pump quite a few times because my body needs a lot more insulin than normal now). On Thursday, October 28th I go back to my fertility doctor for a second and final ultrasound with them. On Tuesday, November 2nd I go to my regular OB/GYN for a routine OB exam (and hopefully another u/s!). I called the high risk OB and left a message with their nurse (the one who got me the new pump) so I'm sure I'll be going to see them soon as well. That's an appointment a week for the next three weeks. I'm wondering if this is a trend for the next 8 months? We shall see.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The reason I ~YAWN~ haven't been posting

I am exhausted! By about 3:00 PM each day I am so ready for a nap. I have to work to keep my eyes open. This past weekend I had no plans (other than to go to a consignment sale, which I'll post about soon) so I took full advantage of the free time to nap, nap, nap! Best naps I've had in a long time. And did I feel the least bit guilty? Hell no! I enjoyed every snore! Last weekend was spent babysitting. All.weekend.long. I kid you not. But, that money went straight into my savings. Plus, it's easy work. It just sucks not being able to be at home.

Wednesday is the big day! I have good feelings about it. My husband will be there and my mom is coming as well. My appointment is at 9:30am EST and if they allow me to take video of it I will try and post it while I'm at work. I will be 6 weeks and 5 days along so I am crossing everything that can possibly be crossed that we will be able to hear a heartbeat.