Friday, October 22, 2010


I couldn't tell you when I took my first step or what my first word was. I have no idea what my first food was or how old I was when I first slept through the night.

Today I reached one milestone I won't soon forget. I have reached the 8 week mark.

With my first pregnancy I started spotting in the 6th week and ended up miscarrying at exactly 8 weeks. With this pregnancy I haven't seen a single "spot" and as far as I know my little one is growing strong. I am thankful for every second.

My next ultrasound is on Thursday 10/28 at 9:30 AM so I will be able to know for sure that everything is going well. I am still exhausted pretty much all day. It's the worst around 4:00 and continues through the evening. No real nausea, just kind of feel icky around mealtimes where nothing sounds appetizing. Once I eat I feel better but finding something that sounds good to eat can be a challenge.

Another milestone for today: I am wearing maternity pants. Not because I need to but because they are so damn comfortable! Why aren't all pants made like this? I can still fit into most of my clothes (except for ones that were a little tight before just flat out don't fit now) but I just didn't feel like wearing my normal jeans and having the button jab into my belly button all day. I am in denim heaven with these pants. Granted, they are obviously meant for someone with a big belly and I keep having to hike them back up when I walk around but I don't care.

What better way to mark one milestone then with another?


D said...

LOL Enjoy wearing the jeans...I still wear mine sometimes because they're comfortable. :) I'm glad that you're feeling tired and icky (in a good way). I hope this is the most wonderful pregnancy for you. I loved being pregnant! Can't wait until your next ultra-sound.

Kelli said...

Yay for week #8! Yay for the exhaustion & semi-nausea (like Dawn said- all in a good way of course!)
And YES! Aren't maternity jeans the best??! :P Granted I'm only 2wks post-partum but I don't want to give mine up quite yet! heehee. SOOOOO happy for you, Kate! Can't wait for the u/s next week!

Jen Nelson said...

Maternity pants are awesome!!! 20 years ago... not so much! hahaha

but now they are cute AND comfy!

Congrat's on your milestone!! and awesome job on your A1c!!! Can't wait for your ultrasound tomorrow!! You'll be able to HEAR the heartbeat!! Yay!!!