Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Everything went well! It was not a thorough u/s or appointment. I think it was just to check that it was a viable pregnancy (which we are!!!). Everything looked good and there was only one and he made sure to check twice. You can hear him in the video saying that he asked Hope (the u/s tech) twice. The heartrate was 138, which he said was normal and would be beating much faster at our next u/s, which is scheduled for Thursday, October 28th at 9:30 again.

Without further ado, a picture:

6 weeks 5 days!

And a video:

So, lots of appointments coming up in the next few weeks. On Tuesday, October 19th I meet with my endocrinologist (I've had to adjust the settings on my pump quite a few times because my body needs a lot more insulin than normal now). On Thursday, October 28th I go back to my fertility doctor for a second and final ultrasound with them. On Tuesday, November 2nd I go to my regular OB/GYN for a routine OB exam (and hopefully another u/s!). I called the high risk OB and left a message with their nurse (the one who got me the new pump) so I'm sure I'll be going to see them soon as well. That's an appointment a week for the next three weeks. I'm wondering if this is a trend for the next 8 months? We shall see.


jill said...

Ok, your video made me tear up. Thanks for sharing. So very happy for you!

Jen Nelson said...

YAY!!! What a GORGEOUS PERFECT little bean!!! I can't believe the difference 3 days makes! Your little berry is HUGE compared to my u/s at 6 weeks 2 days! Crazy!

SO excited for you!! Good luck with all your appointments! Can't wait for your next u/s!!

jlmishler said...

I <3 your little bean! YAY im beyond thrilled for you!!!! Get rest!!! Enjoy the next 34 weeks! You are going to make one awesome mamasita!

Olivia said...

Beyond excited for you! What a gorgeous, perfect little bean! Congratulations!

hollyli said...

that's awesome video! he said baby measures perfectly!!!

Yah Yah said...

I've been readin gyour blog for a while and praying that you'd be blessed with a healthy pregnancy. Congratulations! I look forward to watching your family grow.

D said... the pic and that is an awesome video with heartbeat!!!! I'm so happy for you and will continue to keep you in my prayers. *HUGS* :)

Tabitha the Tall Chick said...

Yay!!! So happy for you Kate! You give me hope : ) Thanks for sharing the picture and video.