Thursday, April 3, 2008


Hello, My Love,

It's getting close to bedtime for me. It's been a long day and I'm beat. I started a second job today at the baby superstore. It has a name but due to "company policy" I'm not supposed to use the name in a blog. It's funny that big chains like that have to have a policy about blogs now. It was just an orientation tonight and then training tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I think I will also be working Wednesday and next Friday as well. So your old mom won't have a day off until NEXT Saturday. It sucks but at least it's extra money. I'm actually writing this at home for once, now that my office is finally set up, so I thought I'd add some pictures.

Your mom used to be somewhat hot...I'm not that thin anymore. This was our engagement picture.

These are our dogs, Beaker and Penny. Yes, I made those outfits. Yes, I will make outfits for you. And yes, you will have to wear them.

This is your dad. I'm sorry but you are stuck with him just as much as I am.

These are your grandparents on your dad's side. I'm not sure what you will call them yet.

And these are my parents. I used to call my mom's mom Nana so I'm guessing that's what you'll call her. Although she calls her self "Gammy" when in reference to the dogs. She's crazy. But in a good way. Expect to be completely spoiled rotten by her. I called my dad's dad Baba so that's probably what you'll be calling him.

I made some important appointments today. One is to get an ultrasound done and the other is to see an OBGYN to discuss why I haven't gotten pregnant yet. I was hoping I wouldn't need it but it's looking like I will. The ultrasound is April 14th and the OBGYN is on April 24th. I also need to get some bloodwork done so I'll probably do that next week. It's getting late and all I want to do is curl in bed and sleep.

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Jen said...

I'm sorry did you call yourself 'somewhat hot'? You are a hottie miss Kate. You and your hubby are going to make beautiful babies!