Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's the new style....

Hello, My Love,

I've decided to start writing to you rather than to strangers. I've been reading the most inspriational book about couples who fought all the odds and eventually became parents. One mother in the book had a journal in which she wrote to the child she hoped to one day have. So now I write to you. I am beginning to feel as though we may never meet. That you are just a figment of my imagination. The experience of seeing two lines or a plus sign or that beautiful, digital word "pregnant" seem impossible to me. I borrowed a few books about fertility from the library and have been feverishly going through them hoping to find some answer as to why. I've been jotting down anything that could be a reason for not getting pregnant. I've scheduled a doctor's appointment for 3/24 and am bringing my list with me. I'm going to schedule an appointment for your father as well. I really hope this brings us some answers.

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