Friday, March 21, 2008

Second job

Hello, My Love,

It's finally Friday and I couldn't be happier that this week is finally over. Work has been kind of blah for me lately. I'm just unmotivated I guess. I don't really enjoy what I do so much anymore. I don't like being the one in charge. I really miss being a teacher and working with the kids directly. I think that once your father and I pay down some of our debt I will be able to step down and do that. I make good money now and have flexibility with hours and time off and I will get a tremendous discount once you're here but sometimes the stress that comes from this position isn't worth all the benefits. I had an interview yesterday for a part time position at a baby superstore, where I'd work a few evenings a week and a weekend day/night shift. It will be nice to have a few extra bucks to pay the bills. And let's be get my hair and nails done when I want to! The interview went very well and even though they told the group that they don't make offers on the spot, the lady who did my one on one interview said to expect a call next week. I'm excited to work there. I don't care much for retail work but I'll be helping a specific kind of customer - mommies and soon to be mommies. I'm hoping that being around all those babies and pregnant women will rub off on me. Everyone I met during the interview was really nice and it seems like a good place to work. Plus, I'll get a nice discount when I start shopping for you!

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