Monday, March 24, 2008

Big day

Hello, My Love,

Today is a big day for me. I have an appointment to see the doctor this afternoon to discuss my options for getting pregnant. I've printed out all my charts from and brought my notebook that has all my temps, symptoms, etc in it as well. I hope this will shed some light as to why it hasn't happened yet. Your dad had his appointment last Friday. He got a lab slip to give a sample. I won't be doing anything invasive or expensive until we get the results from his sample back. Whatever it is I hope it's a simple fix. I just don't know if we'll be able to afford it if we have to go the route of IVF as I doubt our insurance will cover it. I should probably check on that. It's so frustrating to see some people get pregnant at the blink of an eye while others suffer through years of infertility. I don't know if it's karma, natural selection, mother nature or what but I just wish it would make some sort of sense. I want an answer as to why it hasn't happened yet. It would help me accept and understand what is going on. Right now it's like trying to hold water in my bare hands. I just want to be able to grasp the problem and only then will I be able to come to terms with it. Please, please, please let it be something that can be identified and corrected.

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