Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I've got mail!

I got my medications today! The delivery guy called while I was at work so before my dentist appointment I came home to get them off my porch. I'm glad I did because they are supposed to be refrigerated. There were a couple of ice packs in the styrofoam cooler but it was pretty hot out today. I take the Bravelle shot on Saturday so now I am ready! Tomorrow is my last day of Clomid (still not side effects to speak of) and I have Friday off (from medications anyway).

My dentist appointment went well. Surprisingly, I had no cavities! Go me! What I thought was a temporary crown from my root canal was actually a filling and the dentist said if it's not bothering me I don't need a crown to replace it. My wallet thanked him. My teeth feel nice and smooth and I go back in 6 months. I let them know about the drugs I am/will be taking which led to me telling them about the IUI and the lady who cleaned my teeth said she will see me in six months and hopefully I will be pregnant then. I hope so, too.

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