Thursday, September 2, 2010

The post where I rant

Alternatively titled: Mood swings have set in

My husband has to do all of ONE thing for this IUI. ONE. You would think that he could do that without a complaint. But nooooooooooooooooo.

I am taking hormones and shots and popping pills up my bajingo and having blood drawn and getting internal sonograms (fun!). He has to whack it into a cup.

He calls me today to ask what day we are supposed to do the IUI. He's asked this several times before and I've answered him several times before. I DON'T KNOW!!!!! I am not a psychic! He said that Tuesday would not be a good day for him because it will be a "critical day" for him at work. I'll pass that message along to my ovaries. Thanks.

I've told him what the procedure was. I told him that my doctor appointment on Monday was to look at my follicles to see if they were mature. I told him that the IUI would take place anywhere between Tuesday and Friday and that he should let his boss know (like I did) that he will need some time off (not an entire day, just enough to take me to the appointment and back home) on the day of the IUI and that we don't know the exact day yet.

I got a little snippy (ok, and mean) when he mentioned that Tuesday was a "critical day" for him at work. I said that our other option was to get a sperm donor so that he didn't have to be involved at all and he wouldn't have to miss work. I know. I know. Not cool. But I was pissed. Where are his priorities? I told him that if he plans on putting work before family we have a problem. Next week isn't a good time at work for me either because all the kids are coming back to school and I'm really needed in the office but this takes priority and I explained that to my boss.

Ugh. Today was the last day for Clomid so we'll see how I feel tomorrow. To top it off, tomorrow is our fifth anniversary. Should be interesting.


hollyli said...

Sorry he was a pain the rear. But excited for you!!! Mwah!

Jen Nelson said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you guys had a great day!

Guys are a pain in the ass. They just don't get it. I'm sorry! He will be such a great daddy when your little one gets here!