Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

Our follow up appointment was this morning. It was devestational to say the least. We walked out of there feeling completely hopeless. How in the hell can we ever afford this? IVF with ICSI will cost $11,000. But that doesn't include medication. And medication starts at $4,500.

Yes, starts at.

It could cost as much as $7,500. So we are talking about paying almost $20,000. We don't have $11,000, much less $20,000. And of course, my insurance (or my husband's) doesn't cover a dime. There are a few options for us though.

They have a shared help thingy (I think it's kind of like a scholarship/grant type thing) but I have to see if we qualify. We might make too much money. But with Courtney being laid off for 6 months last year we may qualify after all. That could help out from 10%-50%. Plus they offer financing. My parents, Courtney's mom, and my aunt have all offered to help out financially and as much as I HATE to ask for money from anyone, we may have to do just that. Even if it isn't enough for the entire procedure, we could always finance the rest. Plus, I've been looking into other types of financing online that is specific to IVF.

Dammit, we will find a way.

I forgot to ask about the possibility of doing an IUI. I called on my lunch break and left a message with my nurse about doing it but haven't heard back yet. I think we may try to increase Courtney's sperm count with accupuncture, vitamins and diet/exercise and then try an IUI in a few months. I've also brought up adoption. The cost may end up being the same as IVF but with IVF if it doesn't work then we are out all that money with nothing to show for it. With adoption we may have to wait longer but in the end we will have a child. Ugh. So many things to consider.


jill said...

It's crazy that it all costs that much. I'm sorry you are feeling hopeless :(

Jen Nelson said...

Damn it! I am so sorry for all the bad news :( If I had $20,000 I would put a check in the mail this second!!

How devastating for Courtney to have low everything :(

He got you pregnant once - it can happen again!! I think trying to raise his count and try an iui is a great idea!

I'm going to be praying extra hard for you guys!! You are going to be the most amazing parents and I know it will happen one day. I just wish it were sooner.

Have you thought about donor sperm? That might be hard for Court in the beginning but I know that once he held that child there would be no doubt it was his!

Sending you lots of love!

p.s. I hope nothing I said came across as insensitive.

hollyli said...

Kate - I am sorry for the horrible news. Isn't it amazing how much it costs? It's not fair. Not fair. Not fair! I'm whining and pouting for you. Like Monty said, if I had $20k, I would drop it in the mail. There... between Monty and I that would be two rounds paid for! :-)

I hope that IUI may be an option for you where they can weed out the bad spermies. Praying and wishing that this will all work out and you'll soon get that ultimate wish of yours.

D said...

I'm sorry you got some bad news...and yes, it seems like it's impossible. I've heard of couples having fund raisers to help pay for the costs (bake sales, PayPal accounts, etc.) Also, does your RE offer the financing program that refunds part of your money if IVF fails? I know mine did but am not sure if all offer that program. I'm so glad that your families want to help you out. Understandably, you don't want to ask for money for what a great gift that people can contribute to! :) Keeping you guys in my prayers.