Monday, July 26, 2010

Your estimated wait time....5 weeks.

I finally had a follow up phone call with my doctor to discuss the possibility of doing an IUI. He said he wanted to do IVF because it was more controlled (less likely to have multiples) and because once they do the sperm wash he was afraid there would be none left. I said I am not going into it with extremely high hopes but I wanted to at least try it because it was more affordable (my insurance covers 50%). He was ok with that. I was told that the next step was to call on day one of my next cycle. I got off the phone finally feeling like we were moving forward. I was excited.

My nurse called and left a message later that day letting me know what the protocol would be and that I should call the financial lady to find out what my cost would be. I decided to do that today. Come to find out it takes up to 4 weeks to get authorization from my insurance.

Well that just sucks. Big time.

I was all excited to get the ball rolling on this, especially since my period should be here in a week or so. Damn. On the up side, it gives us a little more time to set aside the money for this and I can get done everything I wanted to get done before the procedure like getting my highlights done and finishing a tattoo that I started 3 years ago. Nothing terribly important, but stuff I won't be able to do while pregnant. Now I have a little more time to do it.

Gotta look on the bright side, right?


jill said...

Ugh - insurance stuff makes me crazy. Saving up lots and lots of hope for you to send your way during the IUI cycle in the mean time! :)

M said...

Waiting is stupid. Sucky!

I'm glad you are finding things on the bright side :)

ooh, and that will give Courtney more time to get his "guys" healthy!!

Have I ever told you I love his name? One of my favorite boy names! Random, right? Yeah... I was out in the sun to long today. My brain is pretty fried :)

hollyli said...

Well... that's kind of poopy! But seeing that I just now got online to read this post... you've only got a few more weeks til you can start the IUI process! Still excited that you are going to do the IUI first! This is a great start and I am feeling really optimistic!