Sunday, July 5, 2009

Abducted by vampires

Sorry for the lack of posting.  I got back from my all to brief vacation and have just been keeping busy with work, work and more work.  While on vacation though, I was abducted by vampires.

Just before we left for New York, I purchased the first two Twilight novels.  A co-worker read them and loved them and one of the children’s parents in my class raved about them so I thought I would give them a try.  Plus, I had a Barnes and Noble gift card burning a hole in my wallet.  I’m a Harry Potter fan at heart and didn’t think I’d like the series.  But  I am hooked.

To be fair, I wasn’t crazy about the first book.  Bella (the main character) seemed needy and immature but then again, she was 17.  I guess I’m a little out of touch with the whole teenage crowd.  Well, the books grew on me.  I finished the first one before we left and most of the second one on the way up.  After finishing the second one I went to the local bookstore (my favorite bookstore, With Pipe and Book.  They sell used books and pipe tobacco.  I LOVE the smell in there) but I think they must be retiring soon because they were closed so I had to go next door and buy the next book new.  I thought it would last me the rest of the vacation but  I finished it the next day and had to trek back out (a 25 minute drive each way) to get the fourth and final book.  I finished that one after we got back.

So, that’s four books in the span of one week.  I also watched the movie and I have a new crush on Robert Pattinson.  He is YUMMY.  He can bite me any time he wants.  :o)  Can’t wait to see the next movie that comes out in November.  And with Harry Potter coming out in July I am just way too excited about books and movies that were geared toward children and teenagers.  Oh well.  Everyone has guilty pleasures.


Olivia said...

I don't even know how I didn't know about the Twilight Saga until a couple of months ago. I did EXACTLY the same thing you did...bought the first 2, thinking they would last, then had to buy the last 2, and blew through all of them in a week. I didn't think I'd want the movie, and it did take me a few watchings to get into it, and now I hooked on it too. One thing though, I can't get into having a Robert Pattinson crush...having a crush on Cedric Diggory makes me feel like I am ROBBING THE CRADLE...hehe...
Oh, and to get a bit more of a fix, Stephenie Meyer has the beginning of the Midnight Sun manuscript (things from Edward's persepective) posted on her website. It seems that one her "friends" published it online, so Stephenie published it on her website. Another awesome read. Try The Host, another good book by her. Her writing style is very easy to get into to. She is my new favorite author!

Monty said...

Glad you are back!!

Those books became a freaking stay at home mom phenomenon. So naturally I have refused to read them. Hahaha. Glad you enjoyed them!