Monday, June 15, 2009


Do you think the MVA would let me get a personalized tag like that? If so, I would totally get one. Because I really and truly HATE the MVA.

Today was the third, yes THIRD, time I went there to renew my license out-of-state, expired license and to get the registration stickers that I paid for but never received.

The first time I went, it was the Saturday before Memorial Day. I got up early, showered, did my hair and really did my make-up. Normally, I don’t wear a lot of make-up but I wanted to look nice for my picture so I went all out. I looked good if I don’t say so myself. Well, I just did say so myself so never mind. We roll up to the MVA and the parking lot was empty. Not a single car to be found. What the hell? Why would they be closed? Apparently, having Monday off for Memorial Day wasn’t enough for the MVA. They needed Saturday, too. Bastards.

All my hair-doing and making applying wasted. Well, I did get a Costco card picture taken so it wasn’t all wasted.

The second time I went was this past Saturday. This time I think I heard someone mention that they only do driver’s licenses on Saturdays so I wasn’t going in with too high hopes to get the registration sticker problem solved. We go inside and it’s crowded. Seriously. A whole lot of people sitting around waiting for their turn. But no numbers are being called, I notice while standing in line to get my number. Then they make the announcement.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience but our systems are down. We will be unable to process any driver’s licenses or permits at this time.”

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. I’m sorry. I swear like a sailor. I try to keep it PG on this blog but even thinking about the MVA right now gets me so frustrated I have to let it out. Sorry.

At this point we are already in the line and there are only a few people in front of us and it’s moving pretty fast. We decide to stay so we can ask about the registration stickers. When it’s our turn I confirm that we will more than likely not be able to my license today and I ask about the stickers. I figured since the employees (other than the lady at the information desk, that is) aren’t really doing anything since the system is down and all, that maybe I would be able to get my stickers. But no. I’ll have to take time off from work to do it. Bastards.

Which brings us to today dear friends. I left work at 11:00 am to go to the MVA and get there just before 11:30. I get in line at the title and tag information desk and when it’s my turn I tell the lady why I’m there and she gives me a form to fill out and bring back to get my number. She also informs me that I’ll have to pay $5 to get a new sticker.

I’m sorry? I have to pay YOU for something that YOU didn’t send me in the first place???? What kind of bass-ackwards crap is that??? She said that the MVA will replace your stickers within 30 days of expiration and after that it will cost $5. My registration expired at the end of October. Whoops. I paid for it in September but didn’t notice that I never got the stickers until a few months ago. Regardless. I am paying for THEIR mistake. Bastards.

I start filling out the form and realize I have to go back to my car to fill in the insurance information. After I fill out the form I get back in line thinking she will look it over and keep it. Nope. She doesn’t even check it. She just hands me a slip of paper with my number on it. Why she didn’t just hand me the form AND the number at the same time is beyond me. It looks like it will be a long wait so I decide to head over to the license side and get my number for my license as well and cross my fingers that it all works out number-calling wise.

When it’s my turn to get my number I tell them why I’m there and I let them know I have an out-of-state license that is expired. She says I’ll need identification. I was well prepared. I brought my social security card, my birth certificate, my passport and my marriage certificate. I felt my bases were covered. I was wrong. It turns out they need proof of residency and they are very specific as to what they will accept. I didn’t have anything on me that they would accept. Absolutely wonderful. That will make FOUR trips to get my stinking license. Bastards.

I have no other choice but to sit and wait for them to call my number. I was at the MVA for about an hour and a half when they finally called it. It took less than 5 minutes to get the sticker and get the hell out of there.

Does a trip to the MVA cause this much utter frustration and stress to anyone else? I swear, if I couldn’t get the registration sticker today you might have seen me on the news tonight. I was that close to losing it. I think I need to stay far, far away from the MVA for a little while.


jill said...

We call it the DMV here and yep, they all suck. How annoying!

Monty said...

Holy Hell! I am FURIOUS for you!! If i was anywhere near you I would come in with you and unless some preggo hormones!! Stupid government!

Olivia said...

Nothing like the DMV...her in CA, it's $20 to get tags that they never sent you. As for out of state license, don't even get me STARTED on that...I had an out of country one, and unfortunately, Australians drive on the other side of the road. Yes, after having had a license for 7 years, I had to turn around and get a learning permit for 6 months before I could get a license. A great big F.U. for that! Hell NO was I driving with a licensed driver for 6 months!!!