Friday, June 27, 2008

Pictures from today

Hello, My Love,

Today was so hard! I'm going to miss these kids so much! Even though they drive me crazy sometimes, I'm going to miss them. I took a few pictures but ignore the bad hair day. I got a TERRIBLE haircut last week so my only option was a ponytail. The last picture is of my new haircut. Even though she is out of the way, my old stylist, Autumn is worth the drive and worth EVERY penny! A word of advice to you....don't try and save money when it comes to your hair!
This is me and my buddy, Beth. She is such a goofy kid but I love her!

This is her serious face. Very serious face.
This is two seconds later.
This is me and Jasmine. She loves Hannah Montana. All the girls do. I wore a Hannah Montana shirt to work one day and they all thought I was the coolest thing in the world. I also told them that Hannah Montana stole my moves. Gotta love kids...they believe everything you say.

Me, Jasmine and Michelle being silly.

Me and Michelle. She is so smart. She's going into Kindergarten in the fall but I think she could go straight to 1st grade. She's already reading and spelling.

This is Abinaya. She was supposed to make a silly face too.

Take number two.

Jasmine again.

This is Lahar. I swear he is the Indian version of Mr. Bean.

This is Isabella. I call her Isabella Mozerella. I love her chubby little arms and legs!

This is Randi. She cries a lot. But she's cute even when she cries.

Me and my Isabella Mozerella. I threatened to stuff her in my purse and take her with me but I don't think her parents would have liked that too much. I think I'll miss her the most.

My new haircut! I can finally wear it down again.
Well, your dad said he was going to take me out to dinner so I'm not going to pass that up! I'm thinking Mexican....


Yo said...

GREAT haircut and loved seeing all the pics of the kids! You are a WONDERFUL teacher and it will be nice that you can focus on just that now! Sending you tons of hugs! xoxo Yo!

Monty said...

So sad you had to leave the kids!
You are so adorable and silly and beautiful!
Love the new haircut! Good luck with the new job today!