Thursday, January 3, 2008

Another year bites the dust....

Well, it's now 2008 and hopefully something fruitful will come out of this year. I received somewhat good news from the doctor. She said that I have an under active thyroid. Basically it means that my thyroid gland is under producing a hormone that is sent to my brain which in turn overproduces another hormone to compensate. This is the main reason I'm always tired and have gained some weight over the last year. She said it really shouldn't affect the chances of getting pregnant but that if I was to become pregnant it would be important to stay on the medicine she prescribed me so that the baby doesn't develop a thyroid problem. So I've been on the medicine for almost a month now and I have to go back for more blood work in a few weeks. I haven't' really noticed a difference in anything yet but she said it would take about a month for it to work it's way in to my system.

Courtney and I are going to Mexico to visit his parents in two weeks and I was hoping to drop 20 pounds by then, but no such luck. Hey, a girl can dream, can't she? Oh well. We'll still have a great time. We haven't had a real vacation since our honeymoon over two years ago. This will be a much welcomed and needed week. We haven't seen his mom since we moved back to MD two years ago although we have seen his step dad a few times when he was in MD for work. It'll be nice to catch up with them. Plus our friends and their son will be there and we haven't seen them since she was pregnant so that will be an added bonus. I know Courtney misses his family and friends and the whole San Francisco scene but I think he's happy here in MD. I know how he feels though. I moved away from my friends and family when I moved to CA to be with him. Maybe one day we will move back but the reason he wanted to move us here was so that we would be close to my family when we started our own family. What a sweetheart. Hopefully we don't have to wait much longer for that.

As far as trying to get pregnant, we are taking this month off. I just signed up for Aflac at work and enrolled in their short term disability insurance so that I will still get 60% of my pay when I go on maternity leave. The only catch is that you have to have the insurance for 10 months before they will give maternity benefits. So we start trying again in February and if successful, hope for a full term pregnancy. I just don't know how I would afford to be off work for 6 weeks without pay. I like to plan ahead if I can.

Courtney got a bonus from work (finally!) so we treated ourselves to a new TV. We haven't had a new anything other than our bed and mattress set a few years back. We usually take hand me downs from family so this was really nice. We bought a 37 inch flat screen HDTV television and it is NICE! We watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3 on it last night and it was AWESOME! If we could just get a new couch.....

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