Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Could this be it?

Courtney and I just got back from Mexico and it was so nice to have a week of relaxation. We really needed it. It was also good to see his parents and some friends of ours from California who we haven't seen since we moved. They had a son a little over a year ago so it was great to finally meet him. He's such a cutie. Courtney's parent's are going to retire in a small town called San Felipe which is fast becoming a retirement community for many Americans. It's a picturesque little town and I definitely look forward to visiting again! I was sad to leave but so happy to get back home to our doggies. They missed us so much!

Hot Springs in Puertocito

View of San Felipe from Courtney's parents' community

Sticking my feet in the not so warm water. (It was winter there...60

Derek, Amy and Jake, Me and Courtney, Rosalie and Chuck

Puertocito was so tiny this was their Post Office and Library. Seriously.

And these are the little angels we were missing!

So, according to my not very accurate calculations, I believe I ovulated while we were on vacation. Good thing, since we were able to sneak in a few "baby making" sessions. ;o) I'm hoping we timed everything right. I should know in the next few days as my period is due any day now. I plan to take a pregnancy test this Saturday if it doesn't show by then. I'm feeling like it's about to start but that could also be a sign of pregnancy. Grrrr...mother nature is a bitch!

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