Thursday, December 16, 2010


This was how the perinatologist described the baby this morning. Perfect. He was happy to hear that my blood sugar has been under good control. I had an endocrinologist appointment last week and my A1c was 5.5. I have never had such tight control and as much as the continuous glucose monitor drives me nuts with it's contstant alerts I have to attribute the control to that.

I didn't take any video this time because I was by myself and they really just looked at and measured the body parts and organs. I was asked if I was finding out the sex but I was strong and said no. It was very tempting but I think it will be more exciting to find out on the big day.

There was only one problem that I saw with the ultrasound. I'm not big on reality tv and I absolutely hate Jersey Shore. I think that those people are an embarrassment to America. The problem is this:

16 weeks 1 day

I've got a fist pumper on my hands. Apparently it's big in Jersey.

Ugh. Just looking at that picture makes my skin crawl. Not sure how to fist pump? Well, here's an instructional chart so you can practice at home:

Consider yourself informed.


Jen Nelson said...


Oh no! Is Courtney from Jersey?? How did you get knocked up with a Guido??

Because my guess is boy :) although I've been wrong a lot lately...

Either way, super cute baby and YAY for perfect!! So happy for you mama!!

Tabitha M. said...

So glad everything is working out well. You are an inspiration. : )