Monday, August 30, 2010

Clomid - Day 2

I'm on day 2 of Clomid and haven't had any real noticeable side effects. I have had some hot flash type moments but I could also attribute that to my cold. Other than that, I'm golden! We'll see how tomorrow treats me.

I heard back from the pharmacy that will be mailing me the other prescriptions (Bravelle, Ovidrel and Prometrium). They were waiting on authorization from my insurance. They told me it could take a few days and I was a little nervous since I take the Bravelle shot on Saturday. But, they called today and the total cost for these medications is $95. Just $95. My jaw nearly hit the floor. Out of pocket it would have cost me over $400 but thankfully my insurance authorized them all for only $95! I should get them on Wednesday.

I let my boss know about the IUI and that I would most likely need a day to a day and a half off next week. Normally I wouldn't tell her about it and just request the day off but September is the start of the school year and she doesn't want people taking off the first month so the kids can get settled and so the office staff is there to help the new families. Thankfully she was understanding and supportive. I was a little nervous about telling her.

Bring on day 3!

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Jen Nelson said...

Eek!! I am SO excited!!! I hope you don't get any nasty side effects! That's awesome your insurance picked up so much of it! Yay!!