Monday, December 7, 2009

Keeping my sanity

People have many ways to maintain their sanity.  The constant waiting and wondering you experience during infertility is a true test of patience. 


Some people do yoga.

Some people go running.

Some people meditate.


Well, I draw beards and mustaches on the kids in my class.

woods cdc 09-10 430

woods cdc 09-10 499

woods cdc 09-10 500

woods cdc 09-10 501

woods cdc 09-10 502

woods cdc 09-10 503

woods cdc 09-10 504

woods cdc 09-10 505

We were calling him Hobo Joe.

woods cdc 09-10 518

So, when we were outside, I told him to go under the rock climbing thingy and hold his hand out.  How could you not give your spare change to a hobo as cute as this???

And so today, I stayed sane.  Overall, a good day.


Yo said...

Ha! Very cute!!!

jill said...

Too cute! I'm assuming it is but boy I hope that is washable marker! haha

hollyli said...

I love it!