Thursday, October 9, 2008

It CAN be easy being green!

Hello, My Love,

Your dad and I went to Costco last night to get some dog food and while I was waiting for my pictures to be printed, we walked around to see what they had. I was like a kid in a candy store! I was truly surprised to see how much organic stuff they had! I didn't look at every last thing in the store but the things I saw were:

  • Organic milk - 1% (which is what we drink) We usually get a half gallon of the store brand of organic milk and it usually runs $3.89. Costco had three half gallons for $7.98 (or close to that). Needless to say, we grabbed it!
  • Organic BBQ sauce
  • Organic cereals. I saw some Flax cereal (sorry, but I love my Golden Grahams!) but they also had some granola that was pumpkin flavored that sounded pretty yummy.
  • Organic soups and broths.
  • Organic pop tarts.
  • Organic rice krispy bars.
  • Organic olive oil.
  • Environmentally friendly laundry detergent. I was planning on getting some by Seventh Generations since my food store (Shoppers Food Warehouse) carries it and Seventh Generation's website ( usually has coupons to print out but now I can get it from Costco for cheaper!
  • Environmentally friendly hand soap refill. Babies R Us carries Method ( hand soap dispensers so now we can buy the refill soap!

I know there was more but I'm having a mental block. Anyway, today I went to Rite Aid and found some organic make up. I am currently using an organic tinted moisturizer and I love it. It's never cakey and you can't tell I'm wearing anything. I also have an organic that, too.
Photobucket So, today I bought some organic eye shadow and eyeliner that is made for hazel eyes.

I also found earth friendly make up brushes! I was due for some new ones as I've had the ones I currently use for too long. These new ones are made from bamboo and "cruelty-free hair."
Plus, they were on sale for buy one, get one half off, so I saved some green as well!

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Monty said...

I {heart} Costco! The Flax cereal is really good! I eat that with yogurt almost every morning! Now that the whole 'green' trend has caught on it's so much easier to find stuff!
Yay for your buys!