Monday, October 27, 2008


Hello, My Love,

Boodwork and sonogram? Done.

HSG? Done.

Semen Analysis? Done. Well, it will be this Friday.

We're moving forward, and for that I am grateful. Our follow up appointment with the fertility clinic will have to wait until after my new insurance starts on the 1st. I'm pretty sure I'll have to go through all the hoops again to get authorization again. Sigh.

The HSG wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was a lot like a annual exam but when they put the iodine dye inside me it felt like menstrual cramps. Not too terrible. Plus it only took a few minutes and they were done. It was neat to see the dye go through my uterus and tubes. There were no blockages, which is good news, I guess. I kind of feel like the appointment (and in turn all the money I'm going to shell out for it) was a waste since I was all clear. That is some EXPENSIVE peace (or is it piece?) of mind.

My bloodwork and sonogram were also completely normal, so again, I feel like it was a waste. It's almost like I want something to be wrong, so that it can be fixed. If your dad's SA comes back normal this time then I'm not sure what's going on. It's all so FRUSTRATING!!!!! I just want some friggin' answers!


jlmishler said...

(((HUGS))) Its nice to see that things are normal but when you have to pay for test after test (and they arent cheap) and not find anything wrong, but maybe a lack of ovulation, that is frustrating to no end. I hope that SA comes out clean...I have my fx for that...Then hopefully you will be a hop and skip away from getting pg! I really hope that soon, your month will be here. ((HUGS))) Love ~ Jen

hollyli said...

well, i am glad that you're okay. best to get the tests done so you can move forward and meet your munchkin sooner rather than later. ((HUGS)) loveys, holls & amelia

Yo said...

Great news that you're all "clear" with the HSG and blood work. Remember, that women are more fertile for the 3 months after an HSG, so that's GREAT news. Sending you the stickiest of baby dust vibes. Good luck with DH's SA next week. xoxo Yo!