Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm fine. Thanks for asking!

Hello, My Love,

Ok, so I'm already in a bad mood since AF started but tack on working two jobs in one day and I'm a total crab. Plus, some people are just so inconsiderate of other people. At the baby superstore, I work at the registry desk so I greet a lot of people who come in the store. I always say "Hi! How are you?" Every so often they'll say "Fine and you?" But not too often. Usually I'll get a "Hi" back or just get ignored. How difficult is it to say "Hello. I'm fine and yourself?" It doesn't take much effort to acknowledge my existence. I'm a nice person. What really gets me is when I say hello and ask how they are doing and all they say is the name of the person for whose registry they want printed. Like I'm a robot or something. Please speak loud and clear into the microphone!

As far as you are concerned, I think we are heading towards an IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination). I need to see what (if any) my insurance covers. From my reading, I believe an IUI is when they take the sperm, clean it up and use a catheter to place it at the base of my fallopian tubes so it has less traveling to do. I know that some people also do follicle stimulation to produce more eggs along with the IUI but I seem to have no problems ovulating. Although, we would love to have twins, so we'll see. I need to call my doctor tomorrow and set up an appointment and see where we go from here. I hate driving 30 minutes to visit this guy but he's good and I don't feel like switching doctors just yet. Once I'm pregnant I will look for an OB close to home. I'll have to find one that deals with high risk pregnancies as your mom has diabetes. I'm doing my best to keep my blood sugar under control while we are trying but it's hard. I love sweets!

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jlmishler said...

Hugs to you!!! you are wonderful! As for the IUI, DH and I looked into it and without insurance covering it it was about 300 per try. Which is really not that bad after paying for the HSG. So you can do it and I just pray and pray you get your little one. Can you do a clomid/IUI combo??? Loves!! Have a great weekend!!!